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     Cooperative Hall of Fame

The Missouri Institute of Cooperatives operates the Cooperative Hall of Fame to honor leaders of Missouri's cooperatives. Officially created "to ensure a permanent, prestigious recognition for future generations of cooperative leaders with exemplary service and lasting achievements," the Hall is updated each year through a nomination and selection process.

As the oldest cooperative in the state, MFA Incorporated is well represented in the Hall of Fame, with several inductees. Visit the Hall of Fame, and you'll find more complete descriptions of the individuals enshrined there, as well as other individuals who have made cooperative history at other Missouri institutions.



Keith Schnarre

Keith Schnarre served on the MFA Incorporated's Board of Directors for a total of 17 years. He was the Chairman of the board between 2000 to 2002.  

Boone Electric Cooperative
MFA Incorporated
Don Copenhaver

Don Copenhaver worked for MFA Incorporated for 47 years starting in an entry-level position all the way to President and Chief Executive officer. He served as MFA's top executive from 1998 to 2009.

MFA Incorporated

John F Johnson

John F. Johnson was an original. He truly built an organization that served as the predecessor to MFA Incorporated’s Feed Division. (READ MORE  HERE)

MFA Incorporated
  Aaron Bachtel

A short article written by William Hirth in The Missouri Farmer about farm clubs caught Aaron.............. (Read more)

MFA Incorporated
  Lester Evans

Lester Evans was elected to the board of Producer’s Creamery Association in 1967 and has served ........(Read More)

  Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.;

MFA Incorporated
  B.L. "Bud" Frew

Work hard, be fiscally responsible and do the right thing. This straightforward formula for success.........(Read More)

  MFA Incorporated 
  Fred V. Heinkel

In 1917 at the young age of 19, Fred Heinkel dedicated his life and more than 60 years to building a  ..........   (Read More)

  MFA Incorporated
  William Hirth

In 1908, William Hirth published the first issue of The Missouri Farmer and Breeder. He used his.......(Read More)

  MFA Incorporated 
  David Jobe

David Jobe is first and foremost a businessman. Throughout his career at MFA Incorporated, David ........(Read More)

MFA Incorporated 
  Russell J. Rosier

R.J. Rosier began his cooperative career as a bookkeeper at the Adrian Elevator in 1920. He joined MFA as ........  (Read More)

  MFA Incorporated 
  Bill Stouffer

Bill Stouffer became involved with cooperative leadership in 1979 when he decided to run for the board and .......  (Read More)

  MFA Incorporated 
  Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson embodied leadership – as a high school athlete, a decorated B-52 fighter pilot, dedicated ....... (Read More)

  MFA Incorporated
  Ray Young

Ray Young began his career with the Missouri Farmers Association in 1933 as an accountant for the Producers....... (Read More)

  MFA Oil and
MFA Incorporated

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