MFA Foundation 

At MFA, we support youth in agriculture. We know that today's young people are tomorrow's leaders.  And we put our money where our mouth is.

Every spring approximately 300 graduating high school seniors receive MFA scholarships, co-sponsored by the MFA Foundation and participating local MFA agencies. We've done this for more than 50 years to the tune of more than 10,000 scholarships and $10 million.

MFA Foundation scholarships are offered at high schools with participating MFA Agri Services Centers, MFA Oil Company propane plants and MFA Oil Company bulk plants. Students - Please contact your school counselor to see if your school has an MFA Foundation  sponsored scholarship available. Counselors obtain applications from participating MFA locations.

The MFA Foundation makes gifts directly and generally, in an unrestricted manner, to private colleges. While the college scholarship program constitutes the main thrust of the MFA Foundation, the Foundation also pursues other worthwhile projects.

The Foundation also contributes to other programs that are consistent with the Foundation's original purpose of providing educational opportunity for youth. Included in these programs are: Missouri 4-H Foundation, Missouri FFA Association, Missouri Young Farmers Association and Missouri Young Farm Wives Associations.  

The MFA Ag Experience 

The Ag Experience is a work study program designed for college students who have completed either their sophomore or junior year in a bachelor’s program in agriculture, business or a related field.  

This program allows students to spend 12 weeks in the real world of production agriculture.  They will be working with members of MFA Incorporated where they will get hands on experience in an area that matches their career objectives.

 The Ag Experience is a partnership between MFA Incorporated and an educational institution, whereby students are hired by MFA for a specified period of time into a professional or technical position that correlates with their area of study in order to provide them with hands-on experience and prepare them for the workforce.  Deadline for the 2015 Ag Experience is Dec. 1, 2016 for the Summer 2017 program.



    4-H and FFA 

Every year, MFA supports youth livestock projects with the 4-H and FFA Project premium program. Students who use MFA products can win money for county and state Rate-of-Gain contests as well as two carcass contests.

Capitalize on your livestock project with MFA 4-H/FFA livestock project premiums. Beef, Dairy, Swine, Sheep, Bucket Calf and Goat projects are eligible. 

Links to Program Entry Forms

Learn how MFA feed can benefit your show animal.

Ring Leader Show Ration - A highly palatable feed designed to bring out the full genetic potential of market show calves. 

Muscle Pig Show Diet- A balanced feed that promotes efficient, lean gain and improved carcass.

Show Lamb BT34- Promotes health and gain to develop lambs to their full potential.

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